Safe, ultra-secure storage & swift, round-the-clock retrieval of documents & records from an ISO Quality Accredited company with 30 years’ experience and a personal service promise.
CSM Archives offers an extensive, purpose built, archive storage facility just a stone’s throw from central London. Top level security, surveillance and fire prevention measures are in operation 24/7 to guarantee the safety of the tens of thousands of documents entrusted to our care. 
Our document retrieval service is renowned nationally across all sectors from legal and financial to medical and healthcare for its efficiency and accuracy - and it’s one of the most competitively priced in the industry too. Read on to learn more or get in touch for a free consultation. We’ll arrange to visit you and get to know your specific needs, then we’ll devise a bespoke document storage and retrieval programme to suit.
Why Choose CSM for Your Document Archiving & Retrieval Needs?
  • Personal service & competitive rates
  • Meticulous recording & tracking systems
  • Document delivery in as little as 2 hours
  • Bonded Customs-approved storage facilities
  • 24/7, 365 day-a-year retrieval & delivery service
  • Exceptional customer service from all personnel
  • 30 years’ experience in archive storage & retrieval
  • Data Protection Act Compliant & ISO Accredited
Meticulous Tracking – We Guarantee to know where any Document is at any Given Time
Professional document management from CMS Archives is just that – complete, efficient storage and management of your vital business information, data and records. We meticulously maintain detailed records of the transit of your documents to such a high degree that we can tell you what went where, when and to whom - at any given time. We record every retrieval and reinstatement – so you will never have to waste time looking for or wondering where a document is again.
Swift, Accurate Retrieval & a Personal Service – Year Round, 24/7
As a small, family run business, CSM prides itself on delivering a truly personal service. Our team of friendly support and delivery staff is dedicated to providing the highest levels of customer service where nothing is too much trouble. Your satisfaction means everything to CSM which is why accuracy and speed are top of our agenda when it comes to document retrieval. Our modern fleet of vehicles enables us to guarantee the timely delivery of your urgently required documents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and in some cases in as little as 2 hours. 
Cost Savings - all Round
The cost of storing archived documentation on-site and the staff hours required in maintenance and retrieval are rarely factored into overheads. By freeing up valuable office space your staff could benefit from clearer and safer working areas, your business will look smarter and you’ll gain space for expansion without additional cost.
Flexible Service Tailored to Specific Needs
A bespoke document management system enables us to meet your specific needs. For example, some of our clients require long term storage with very low retrieval needs, whereas some need documents retrieved on an almost daily basis. We can also factor in automatic secure, Data Protection Act compliant, certificated destruction after a given period, of which we’ll always provide 30-days’ notice. Whatever your needs CSM will design a cost-effective solution to suit. 
Purpose Built, Customs-Approved Archive Storage Facility in London
24-hour security and controlled access ensure archived documents are 100% safe within our purpose built, bonded Customs-approved archive storage facilities near London. Our premises are enclosed by high security perimeter fencing, with 24/7 on-site security, high resolution CCTV, access alarms and smoke and heat protection systems. All site visits require written 24-hour advance notice, full identification and access confirmation calling and all visitors are accompanied by a senior member of CSM staff.
Free Initial Consultation
Whether you wish to store one box, or a thousand plus, we’ll tailor an archive storage and retrieval service to suit you, and you’ll enjoy the same personal service that’s maintained the good reputation of CSM Archives for over 30 years.
Combine our competitively priced archive storage & retrieval service with document scanning & digitisation or confidential shredding for the complete solution. Contact us today to arrange a free, no obligation consultation.