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The Importance of Shredding Confidential Documents


There are two main reasons why it is important to shred confidential documents. These are to prevent identity theft and to dispose of sensitive information that would cause damage should it fall into the wrong hands.
Identity theft is a multibillion pound industry being used to fund crime. It costs the UK alone £1.7bn every year.  Despite the fact that we live in a computer dominated world, and whilst cyber crime is on the rise, most identity crime is obtained through hard copy paper sources. Much of this fraud is committed in businesses that have a relaxed approach to disposing of paper documents. 
Data Protection Act Requirements
Certain businesses like financial organisations, hospitals and law firms handle sensitive information on a daily basis and they must shred documents to preserve confidentiality. However, the Data Protection Act 1998 requires all businesses to dispose of any documents that may result in fraudulent use. Such things include bank statements, invoices and letterheads. 
Avoiding Fines of up to £500,000
Businesses also have a responsibility to protect information that they have relating to their customers and their employees.  This includes such things as address information, payroll records, credit card details and sales receipts.  Any serious breaches of the Data Protection Act can result in organisations being fined up to £500,000. Ensuring documents are carefully destroyed can therefore be seen as keeping the operations of the business safe, as well as protecting customers from the threat of identity theft or other fraudulent activity.
Why Outsource Confidential Shredding?
The benefits of using a specialist company for confidential shredding are:
You are guaranteed that documents will be disposed of securely
Large volumes of documents can be disposed of speedily
Not having to manage document disposal in house saves money
Shredded documents are transported to recycling facilities which backs up a company’s environmental policy
Using a professional archiving and document disposal company regularly ensures a business runs efficiently and is free from unnecessary clutter
CSM Archives offers a one off service or a regular, pre-arranged collection of confidential waste. We work to the European Standard (EN15713) and our dedication to quality control is demonstrated through our full ISO9001 accreditation.