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How to be Environmentally Friendly When Archiving


Environmental concerns are one of the most important issues we face today. As consumers we are conscientious with our recycling; we query the necessity of packaging and try to improve our energy efficiency.  
Businesses too are addressing the way they are doing things, for example by taking measures to reduce their carbon footprint, recycling and cutting back on unnecessary printing.
There are also steps that can be taken to be greener when archiving, and some of them could make the process more cost efficient too:
  • Store only the documents. Be sure to remove packaging such as box files, lever arch files and plastic folders. This will save archive space and therefore save money in the process.
  • Remove duplicate copies. Only one set of documents needs to be archived, again saving space and therefore reducing costs. Duplicate copies can be recycled or used as scrap if the nature of them is non-sensitive or confidential.
  • Remove plastic folders as these cannot usually be recycled and will mean everything goes to landfill once the archived documents are destroyed.
  • Use archive boxes made from recyclable cardboard. 
  • Consider costs.  Scanning documents can be a useful way of transferring the way that information is held, but it can be uneconomical when there are very large quantities of documentation involved.  In some instances it is better to archive in the traditional way.
  • Ensure documents are destroyed when no longer needed so they free up space, avoid storage costs and the paper can be recycled or re-used.
  • Destroy unwanted documents by shredding rather than burning. Shredded paper can then be transported to recycling units.
At CSM Archives we offer a comprehensive range of archiving and swift retrieval options to suit varying needs and budgets. We are conscientious when it comes to environmental issues and sustainability. For more information on our policies, and our services, please get in touch.